Acrylic on board
36x36 acrylic
Sold. Painted on board from my photo of U-Bein Bridge, Burma.
36x36 acrylic
Painted of photo I took in Burma. The entire village is on stilts over a lake.
36x36 acrylic
My Soul Can Fly
Sold. Acrylic on board of a woman in Thailand rowing back to her houseboat.
12x12 acrylic
Impression of a Greek island hill town. Acrylic on board.
21x24 acrylic
White Village
Sold. This painting is my distillation of 10th century cave paintings in Cappadocia, Turkey. It suggests what I saw and presents my own message. Three panels, acrylic on board.
24x72 acrylic on board
Cappadocia Triptych
Sold. Acrylic on board. Abstraction of the the adventure of going to sea.
24x24 acrylic
Taking Risks
Acrylic on board. It's about putting down paint.
12x6 acrylic
Sold. Acrylic on board. Geometric composition based on a door with lock.
12x12 acrylic
Sold. A somewhat imaginary place. Acrylic on board.
24x24 acrylic
Street in Italy
Sold. Acrylic on board based on my photograph of three boats docked on a lake in Maine.
36x36 acrylic
Sold. Painted from a photo I took in Japan. I was working on simplifying, less is more, and removing all "extraneous" shapes
24x24 acrylic
Painted on canvas to portray a ship yard, San Francisco, CA.
50x30 acrylic
Shipping & Receiving
Sold. Painted on canvas showing abandoned dock in San Francisco Bay.
45x45 acrylic
Times Past
Sold. Painted on canvas of remnants of docks, San Francisco Bay.
45x45 acrylic
Times Past II
Sold. Painted on Board of my impression of old docks and todays' container ships, San Francisco Bay, CA.
36x36 acrylic
Then & Now, Near & Far
Sold. Acrylic on board, admiring and making light of amazing and powerful container ships.
12x12 acrylic
Ship Shape II
Sold. Acrylic on board, of amazing way world wide exchange of products is accomplished by cargo ship.
12x12 acrylic
Ship Shape I
Sold. Acrylic on board, of the wonder and power of cargo ships and transport.
12x12 acrylic
Ship Shape III
Sold. Acrylic on board of connecting the world with goods by cargo ship.
12x12 acrylic
Ship Shape IV
Sold. Impressions of child playing with pigeons in town square, Burma.
24x24 acrylic
Child Play
Sold. Painted from my photo taken of Burmese village on stilts.
40x40 acrylic
Waterfront Property
Acrylic on paper. We use the sea, but what are the repercussions?
32x24 acrylic
Seascape w/ Barrel
Painted on board from my Photoshopped image of a New Mexico church.
24x32 acrylic
27x15 Acrylic on board
Night Alley
12x12 Acrylic on board
Basket I
24x24 Acrylic on board
Cradled work on MDF panel
8"x8" Acrylic on board
Into the Night
12x12 Acrylic on board
Green Door
4'x5' Acrylic & collage on board
What Binds You