About Jean Brodie

Artist Statement, 2020
Transitioning in life and art…

I see art as a human endeavor that in big and small ways reflects life, that of the artist and of the surrounding world.

My recent move from the foothills of Colorado to the city San Francisco no doubt will influence my art in ways I cannot predict. But at this moment in time I know this about what I create:
It is mostly abstract.
It is evolving.
It is made of acrylic and collage with lots of layers.
It uses shape, color, value and texture to captivate the eye and mind.

Past Artist Statement

I’ve always liked images. Like a good piece of music, they just keep playing on in my mind. As a painter, this affinity for images has mixed with a fascination of putting down paint—a wedding of picture and surface. My paintings often have their genesis in photographs I have taken as I travel. The photos are recomposed on my computer, and then translated into the language of paint. The paint surface is as important to me as the subject and arrangement of shapes. The brushing, scraping, and layering are meant to hold your eye as if looking into a tide pool, or at the marbled surface of stone.


With an undergraduate degree in Fine Art from the University of Northern Iowa, an Education Degree from the University of Colorado, and a Masters in Art Education, I conducted 26 years as an art educator in Jefferson County Public Schools, Golden, Colorado. Upon closing that chapter of my life, I began to focus on what I could learn and do as a painter. In 2003 I began classes at the Art Student’s League of Denver. Kevin Weckbach, Quang Ho, and Mark Nelson were my major instructors at A.S.L.D.

In 2020 after a move to San Francisco, CA, I set up my painting studio in Noe Valley to continue the journey.

Showings and Awards

Professional Organizations

Artist Alliance, founder Jen Tough, artistalliance.community

Colorado Watercolor Society, signature member, 2003-2009

Art Students League of Denver